Journal Entry 9

Wednesday, September 30, 1987

Just a quick note to say that the girls loved our trip to the Los Angeles Natural History Museum.

The dinosaur-ish stuff they enjoyed seeing includes two complete skeletons fighting, a pliosaur, a stegosaur, duckbilled dinosaurs, the head of a triceratops, the foot and head of a tyrannosaur, and a dimetrodon.

The girls also enjoyed stamping their coloring books at various exhibits, for plant eater or meat eater, feeling the cast of dinosaur bones in the Discovery Center, and doing crayon rubbings of fossil shells, leaves, and so forth.

Of course we branched off from dinosaurs to enjoy the seashells, luminescent rocks, pelts, modern bones, X-rays, microscopes, and the dress up station.

This is what the girls dictated to me when we got home:

We like the Discovery Center. Our favorite parts were the Dress-Up Corner, the Crayon Rubbing Tables, and the rocks that glowed. We also liked the check-out box about sharks.

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